How Illustration Can Make a Difference For Small Businesses and Nonprofits

As I wrapped up a couple commissions last week for the American Transplant Foundation, I got to thinking how else I could help other small businesses and nonprofits with my illustration work. There really are endless possibilities for how art can make a positive impact, whether it's as a gift, for marketing, or as an educational tool. Here's a list of my top ideas for how illustration (whether it's mine or someone else's!) can help your small business or nonprofit organization:

  1. Gift original, custom artwork to top financial donors, investors, business partners, longtime clients, or for employee appreciation.
  2. Commission custom invitations for your special events 
  3. Use on your annual report. Spice up your statistics with gorgeous and unique imagery!
  4. For social media. Hand-made illustrations can make your posts pop on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 
  5. For you newsletter. Why not add some personality to your email campaigns?
  6. For your holiday card. Your constituents will love receiving a hand-made, illustrated card or postcard. It's so much more personal and genuine than just a card with your logo!
  7.  For office supplies. Hiring a designer can do wonders for your business's notepads, pens, mugs, etc. Why have boring office supplies/company swag when you can have lovely items instead?
  8. Commission artwork as a silent auction item, giveaway/raffle prize, or as a perk for sponsoring an event. (The American Transplant Foundation did this super effectively with a signed painting of The Fray at their 2016 Transplant Hero Awards gala!)
  9. Use art in your next pitch or presentation to communicate your points. 
  10. Do a community art piece, either sponsored by your business or to further the message and mission of your nonprofit. It's great to engage the world around you, and art is a FANTASTIC way to do it! 

I hope this leaves you feeling excited to incorporate more art into your small business or nonprofit. Please feel free to email me with any questions, or leave your ideas in the comments below!