Hello! I'm Elle. I'd love to be a part of the Winter 2018 CLC and here's why:

Elle Powell in Namibia

I really, really love travel, and I really, really love illustration. When Professor Arden Von Haeger announced that Air B'n'B was the last client, I truly got goosebumps all over. Working with Air B'n'B would be a dream come true; quite literally, I have a list of dream clients and Air B'n'B has been on it for the past three years. I have been both a host and a guest many times, and I adore the illustration they currently have on their site and in their new magazine.

I am an extremely hard and organized worker, and I'm a dedicated and motivated team player. I love brainstorming with others and working together towards a common goal. I have traveled to 26 countries, all 7 continents, and I've spent hours on the Air B'n'B website. I understand their clients and am familiar with their current visual vocabulary. 

More importantly, I've been drawing for the past 20 years and can contribute to any step of the illustration process for this SUPER EXCITING project. 


Here's what I'll bring to the team:

  • Preliminary brainstorming for anything and everything (conceptual, narrative, decorative, spots, icons, etc.)
  • Sketching thumbnails and comps digitally and/or traditionally
  • Final rendering (vector in AI, vector in PS, raster in PS, and any/all traditional media, especially gouache and watercolor.)
  • Hand Lettering (vector and traditional)
  • Ability to work in various styles
  • Problem solving along the way
  • Copy editing/writing (I'm currently a tutor at the Writers' Studio here at SCAD)
  • Basic moving illustrations (GIFs created in Photoshop)
  • Positive demeanor and a can-do attitude
  • Willingness to step up and help my teammates however I can
  • Constant excitement and energy for the project!